Surveillance is basically the art of keeping an eye on someone, something or somewhere.

A surveillance operative taking photographs from a vehicle

Rosetta Consulting can carry out static or mobile surveillance, on foot or using a motorbike, car or van, with the intention of obtaining information, photographs or video to assist in your aim.

Normally we will deploy a team to carry out surveillance although on very rare occasions we’ve been able to use just one agent.

This type of work can get expensive as there can be several agents involved over long periods of time using a number of vehicles and technical equipment. We make sure that our clients are aware in advance of the costs so that they can make an informed judgement about whether to go ahead.

As you would expect, all our work is compliant with the law, including the GDPR, and we work within the guidelines of the Association of British Investigators.

Case Study 1

Our client employed a van driver to carry out deliveries of his products in the local area. He was aware that stock was going missing and he had narrowed it down to the specific driver.

Rosetta Consulting deployed agents in a car and a motorbike to follow the driver during one day and see where he went. Using a copy of his delivery manifest as a guide we were able to take photographs of the driver making deliveries to unmanifested locations where he was seen to be accepting cash for stock.

The client used the evidence we gathered to confront the driver who promptly resigned.

Case Study 2

Our client ran a business with many staff carrying out manual work. One employee alleged that he had injured himself at work and was off sick as he could hardly walk let alone do any manual labour.

Rosetta Consulting set up surveillance on the target outside his home address. In only a few days we were able to get photographic and video evidence of him going for a run, playing football in the local park and doing his weekly shopping whilst lifting heavy shopping bags into his car.

We presented our evidence to the client who called the employee in for a chat. Unsurprisingly the employee left and withdrew his claim for compensation for his work “accident”!