Process Serving is the act of delivering legal documents to a defendant or individual involved in a court case. That’s according to the Money Claims UK website. It’s an important function of the UK legal process as it means the papers have been served to the correct person at the correct address at the correct time.

Some court papers being served by a process server

Rosetta Consulting carry out Process Serving on the Isle of Wight on behalf of solicitors, courts and other agents. We serve papers legally, discretely and in line with the GDPR and, once they’ve been served, we provide a completed statement, certificate or other documentation back to the sender.

Often we will be asked to serve papers on an individual, either at home or at work, but sometimes it will be to a company so we’ll visit their registered address. Just occasionally we’ve been asked to deliver papers not relating to the court system but the client wanted to ensure they were personally delivered.

Case Study

Another Private Investigation agency in the North of England got in touch with us on a Sunday afternoon to see if we could serve some papers on a person that day as the time limit for serving was about to pass.

We printed out the court papers (over 200 pages!) and sent one of our agents to the named person’s address. By then it was early evening and they weren’t home so we asked a few neighbours and discovered that they worked at a nearby pub.

We attended the pub and managed to get the person to come outside for a chat so as to avoid any embarrassment in their workplace. We served the papers and advised them to seek legal advice quickly.

On returning to the office we supplied a statement to our client to say that the papers had been delivered on time to the correct person.