You may well be aware of the term “Penetration Testing” but it is often used with reference to cyber security. Whilst we also do Cyber Penetration Testing, we can test your physical security arrangements.

Imagine spending a great deal of money to upgrade the locks on your premises, installing the latest alarm system and covering the whole site with CCTV. You would think that you are sitting pretty when it comes to security.

However, when somebody manages to talk their way into your building (bypassing locks and security) by striking up a friendship with a staff member and you realise that your CCTV was overwriting the “tapes” so you don’t have any video footage, that isn’t the best time to realise how much you may have lost.

An intruder could take your cash, your products or, worse, your intellectual protocol or reputation. Is it worth it?

Any security system or procedures are only any good if they are tested, audited and improved upon.

Rosetta Consulting are able to make attempts to circumvent all your physical security systems and procedures but with no risky outcome. We will report back, in detail, what we did, how we got in and what went wrong. We’ll also make recommendations for changes and can even work with your security providers to improve your protection.