General investigation and enquiries are where we look into things for you. Whilst the Police deal with crime matters, they don’t spend time looking at civil offences and, as their resources are limited, they may not even have time to investigate potential crimes, particularly where the offence is complicated or there may be limited leads.

Some tools of the trade for an investigator. Binoculars, a camera,  a notebook and pen

Rosetta Consulting carry out all sorts of general investigation from identifying if a crime has been committed to locating people who have gone off the radar. Of course we work within the law and are governed by the Association of British Investigators, but we will use various methods, both online and physical, to conclude the investigation. This may include using technical equipment such as covert video cameras, recording devices and GPS trackers.

Case study 1

Our client was a wealthy, elderly lady who had lost touch with her only son. She wanted to get in touch to reconnect and make arrangements for her will.

Rosetta Consulting spent a great deal of time carrying out online investigations to locate a number of potential subjects and then visited several addresses to make personal enquiries. After some time we were able to reconnect the family to the satisfaction of both parties.

Case Study 2

Our client was a transport company based near London. They were having problems with their freight being damaged and sometimes going missing. They suspected one of their supervisors was up to no good.

Rosetta Consulting placed an undercover agent in the company as an HGV driver. He was able to find out what was going wrong and provided covert video footage of various problems at the company.

The evidence we provided enabled the company to dismiss the supervisor, and several other staff members, as well as tighten up on various procedures to prevent other problems we identified.