Almost all businesses use IT systems in some form or another but most only have a limited knowledge of how they work and how to secure them.

This could be by using well configured firewalls, good quality password protection (with strong policies) and ensuring that all systems are patched and up to date. All of this takes time, costs money and can be an inconvenience to users. Who likes being told that they can’t use their favourite football team as a password for everything!

The best way to see if your systems are protected is to get an ethical hacker or penetration tester to try and get in and report back how easy it was. This is one of the services that Rosetta Consulting offer.

We will carry out a full audit of your public facing (or internal) IT systems and give you a detailed report of what we found along with recommendations for improvements. We’ll even work with your IT team or providers to strengthen your protection.

Could your business survive a major data breach? Would the Information Commissioner’s Office be lenient? Would your customers stay loyal?