“Knowledge is power” so the saying goes and, in business, that phrase is so true. Business Intelligence is that knowledge.

Gathering business intelligence on a laptop

Whether you’re doing some due diligence on a potential supplier or just want to find out what is being said about your business online, Rosetta Consulting can make use of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to find that information.

OSINT is about using publicly available information, such as social media and websites, to research and report on a subject matter.

In addition, Rosetta Consulting can look at your business systems to see if they do what you expect. Businesses spend a lot of money designing and rolling out systems such as phone systems, web sites and on premises procedures. But do they work?

Nothing will put off a potential customer more than not being able to get through on the phone or being sent all over a website for no obvious reason. What about the first impression that visitors get to your premises? Have you actually tried seeing everything from a customer’s point of view?

Rosetta Consulting can access any of your services as a fresh and unbiased visitor with no knowledge of how something is expected to work. We will see how easy it is for an “average person” to access your services.

We can also report on the standard of service received akin to a “mystery shopper” that large brand shops and hotels have used for years.

We will provide a report of our findings along with recommendations to make a visitor’s journey more fluid and productive. You may only need to save one lost sale to pay for our services!